Employee Retention

Lock down your company's heavy hitters with Prestige Employee Retention.

Loyalty isn’t always enough in the business world. Offers come and offers go. Sometimes key people go with them. You can try to incentivize employees with enticing benefits, crossing your fingers that they won’t leave for perceived greener pastures. Or you can offer them The Prestige Strategy as a one-of-a-kind retirement package.

Because it's an off-cycle benefit, you can offer it to your employees at any time during the year.

Prestige Employee Retention from Cool Springs Financial is a benefit your employees won’t find anywhere else. Because it’s an off-cycle benefit, you can offer it to your employees at any time during the year. With tax-free withdrawals and no premium checks, this retirement package presents high-value benefits for your high-value employees. Tied to market gains, our cash value crediting methodology presents upside potential with downside protection that halts decreasing market returns at 0%. So your offering is safe from market losses.

Your business relies on the people you’ve invested time and money into. If they abandon your organization, you lose that investment. Give them a reason to stay. Give them a unique retirement. Offer your key employees the Prestige Strategies as a way to finance their future, a future at your company.

Tax-Free Withdrawals


A unique benefit your employees won't find anywhere else.

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