Financial Plans That Pay

A retirement strategy with more benefits.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Protect yourself and your key people with The Prestige Strategy™, a retirement plan that pays. Now you can secure more money for your future, and everyone in it.

John McDonough

John McDonough

Managing Director

John has worn many leadership hats in his career.  He’s been a Divisional Vice President at a big box firm, charged with recruiting, training, and leading other advisors while maintaining a successful personal business.  He also works as an independent financial advisor, free from any corporate agendas that sometimes drive profitability at the expense of what


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Our History

A partner in peace of mind.

Cool Springs Financial Houston is a financial solution organization dedicated to providing security for you, your family and your business by creating financial strategies with unparalleled benefits. Our group has been the architect of multiple premium finance platforms that have executed more than $8 billion in transactions, all without any clients writing a premium check.

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